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HCigar 75c Replay suddenly no longer displays save puff

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Hi, i have a number of both 250c and 75c devices and use them all with Replay with no problem. My Hcigar 75c i have happily used with Replay for some time then suddenly it's as if replay is idle and the box that would usually say "save puff" constantly stays blank. I have tried the device with escribe but that seems to suggest it is set-up as usual so it's a mystery. Any ideas?

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It suddenly after 4 hours started working again.

The coil is a SS316 3 core parallel, it wasn't actually a new coil i had simply dry burned it and changed the wicking and when i then went to use it on the HCigar it wouldn't allow me to save puff for the next about 4 hours. I have cleaned coils and re-wicked this way many times and it's never effected Replay before. During the period it wasn't working i did try the RTA on other devices and Replay worked fine just not the HCigar and then suddenly when i had given up all hope it started working as if nothing had ever happened.

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