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wanting to put a turnigy nanotech 3s in my cnc b box I have everything but the battery placing order as soon as I can figure this headache out for this newbie here haha ive built plenty of other mods this is my first dna lipo I have the DNA250 ,cnc alpinetech 1590b, with cutouts etc just can't figure out the best turnigy to buy I know a 3s 11.1 nanotech or maybe not jus been reading forums for like 6hours haha please help I think a 1500 3s would be the best for me to start with.  ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK U 

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Moderator edit: I merged all your posts

Using the measurements of each battery, and looking at your wiring and connector will help you determine which will fit.

In the future (friendly tip) make your Subject line give others a clue as to what's inside the body :hand_splayed:

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I'm sorry I was so focused on makeing my. Battery topic I guess I overlooked I think I'm gonna go with turnigy nanotech 1500 11.1. 3s. Lipo for my alpinetech  cnc 1590B. Enclosure . 250 board thank you for replying I had no faith anyone would comment to help really appreciative

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