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DNA 250c draining batteries !!


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I Have the exact same issue with my Boxer 20700 Sqounker I put in a brand new pair of Samsung 20700A in and it drained them to nothing in less than a week sitting. I was looking for a fix with this also, still have not found one.  Maybe a faulty chip I am thinking of sending the Boxer and the LV Drone (because of the leaking Issue, to evolve in Ohio, They helped with a loose 510 on a Triad 250 I sent them about a year ago. 

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Welcome @Nicomanteno :hand_splayed:

Have you reached out Ginger about your Boxer issues? Evolv is truly only responsible for the board, and if you look at the photos the Boxer has some custom parts. Personally, I'd try there first, Evolv second.

Evolv IS the repair center for your Triad and now Drone so they're stocked with necessary bits.  

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