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LV Mirage No Replay

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I just purchased 3 Mirages over the past few months while I could find them. 

The box they came in say -Replay Enabled but there isn’t a Replay option on the material selection. Just Watts and the usual suspects. 

Im not new to DNAs I have 5 and have uploaded .cvs profiles etc.. so I’m a bit familiar with how DNA 75Cs (and 250s) work as well as Escribe. Although I haven’t done much except to update lately. 

I was told the Mirage comes with DJLs theme but that is not Replay compatible although he has a modified version on his website. 

Is there any way to enable Replay on the present theme that’s on the device? I REALLY like the looks of it and it seems that it was changed a lot in the modified version. 


So, I’m guessing that’s not possible o/w why have a modified version. Ok so if I download a Theme designed by someone else then am I able to modify it? Like change font coloring etc...? 

I know absolutely nothing about the Theme designer except it looked too complicated lol! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this posting and for any useful help or suggestions you may have. 


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