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60 vape doing weird count down to 1 watt when coil attached

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My wife has a vape with a dna 60 board in it.  it's worked very well up until yesterday.

She has it set to 40 watt.  What happens is when you put a coil in it, the 40 watt counts down to 1.0 watt's by .1 watt increments very fast and then it stays there and won't work.

take coil out, you can set it back to 40 and it'll stay there until you put the coil back in etc.

she's tried a couple different coils just to make sure it's not that.

Any ideas on this?



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i don't think so on the leaking.  The compartment is very well sealed.  it's a billet box.  I ordered a small hex screwdriver so i can open the compartment that the board is in.  It should be here in a couple days.

I can check closer then.


I have an email out to the manufacturer of the box itself for the warranty stuff.  Even if i have to buy a new board for it, i'll do that.  the box itself is very nice and well made.

Thanks for your help!

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Those external buttons are directly below the tank/boro. Sounds like a leak to me, but you will check that. The board is behind the fire button panel.

If you didn't buy one with the USB port already in it, it complicates things for you.

Keep us posted 👍

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