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Two DNA200's displaying 'check atomiser' on the same day.

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Hi everyone. 

Today I decided to use one of my DNA200's as I have not used them in a while owning so many mods.

I downloaded the latest Escribe as the version I had would not open with OS Mojave and connected my  DNA200's to make sure they connected.

  I chose a Hotcig V1 with dual 18650 adapter to use for the day first, connected to Escribe , disconnected and tried to use it. 

Straight away, it displayed 'check atomiser' when I pressed the fire button- this was before an Atty was in place. It displayed the same thing with some connected that I know to work with other devices. 

So, I decided to use the Hotcig V2. Same thing. 'Check atomiser' with RDA's and RTAs I know to work. 


Any idea what is going on? Is it a coincidence that both are showing the same error? 


I like my mods that use Evolv boards when they work, but by far they have been the most unreliable for me which is a shame as they are also my most expensive mods. 

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