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Curve Mode On DNA Devices?

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Hi All

I just received my new and first DNA device, a LV Paranormal 250C after deciding it was time to leave Yihi after my Mini Q Mini auto fired and blew up.

I would like to know if there is a curve mode wattage setting? Where do I find it on the device or eScribe?

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27 minutes ago, dwcraig1 said:

If using the INT firmware version there is a boost feature when material is set to Watts. You may get that to work to your liking. 

Hi dwcraig1

I am aware of this mode, it heats up the coils faster than the wattage that has been set. It was on my YIHI

What I am looking for is a feature that is/was on my VGOD(Pro mode) Minikin and YIHI Mini Q Mini(Curve mode) For example, I can set the wattage to 120w for the 1st two seconds of my puff then 110w on the 3rd second, then 100w on the 4th second, etc. Is this feature available on DNA devices?

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