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does higher amp 18650 batteriesmake3 any difference in the vaping experience in regulated mods


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Ohm, Watts and Ampere are the basics for vaping, and are all parts of "Ohms Law".

The needed Amps (as indicated on your batteries) are depending on your total power (1,2,3,4 Batteries), your build (Ohm Resistance of your wire(s)) and your wanted Wattage use.

You can find lots of information about it online with the searchengine of your choice 😉

There are also calculators for it on the web.

A simple example:

You have a 0.5 Ohm build and want to run it with 80 Watts.

That calculates to a needed 6.3 Volts (more than one 18650 cell, as they are limited to 4.2 Volts when fully charged.

The Amps you will run with these settings will be 12.6 Amps.

When you change your build to 0.2 Ohms (and still want to run it with 80 Watts) you will need 4 Volts and produce a current of 20 Amps !

Be aware that battery manufacturer will often overrate the Amps,... thats why you often will find a Amps and a max. Amps  information, as the max. Amps is for short bursts not for continously use !

So in short, if you build very low, you produce a higher current (Amps) which should be in the tolerance of your batteries. If you use a low Amp battery and run it on high current, the chances are good that it will blow up as the battery is not made for that high current.

At least it will kill your batteries over time... so stay within the given limits  to be safe !

Last but not least there is also another difference in the calculations if you run the batteries in parallel or series configuration.

You can search for that too. Most regulated devices are in series configuration. That means if yiu have 2x 18650 you have double the Voltage of one batterie (e.g. 4.2 x 2 = 8.4 Volts) but the current is the same on all batteries.

If you use a unregulated mech mod you often have parallel configuration that mens you have only 4.2 Volts with 2 battieries but the current will be shared so it will be half when using 2 batteries (in the 2nd example I gave it will be 10 Amps per battery in parallel mode and 20 Amps in series configuration. So choose your "weapon of choice" depending what build you want to fire up 😉

A friend of mine is doing unregulated mods with builds around 0.09 (NO Typo!) Ohms. Use the calc to see what forces will hit the battieries !

Link to a simple Ohms Law Calculator: https://www.myvaporstore.com/ohms-calculator-for-vape-safety-a/292.htm

Have a nice day, and vape safe !

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Short answer....The higher the capacity, real capacity and not some advertising guesstimate, the longer the usable run time and that applies to any device, mod, no matter what the battery configuration may be.  Total capacity in watt hours is the important number to look at as well as the maximum discharge rate.


A regulated device is a "mod", the circuit board and enclosure, not a tank or coil.  Nomenclature is meaningful.

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