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was wondering if id just be wasting my money or not i use sub ohm tanks. also where is the link to the list of compatable atmomizers? i know anything thats TC can do it, btw anyone know  where i can find that nifty chart of what replay excepts? iv seen it once but now cant find it any wheres on the web.


also i dont own a 250c and that is why i want to know if i would get any bennifit to having one over a reguler 50 smok device with 2 18650's

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DNA 250c is 300 real watts on 3 batteries, a full-color screen, the ability to edit themes yourself, reliability and stability. Vaping at a power of more than 160 watts is more stupid than a necessity. The number of available settings surpasses all competitors, but the price of these devices is too high if you can not figure it out and you will not use most of them.
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I pefer it this way:


If you are experienced, and want to try things out, or want to experiment with different builds etc. then you may profit from such a device.

If you just want to quit smoking with no hussle and no fiddeling around with dozens of different settings, then use the simple (and cheaper) device.

Also a good choice to step up is to get an older model like a Therion 75 (without C). The advantage of DNA devices is that they are very stable, reliable and measure your resistence quite accurate.

If you vape for months or years you may step up and try new things like different wires, setups or atomizers.

My first entry model was a 75 watts evic AIO, then I got the Therion 75, a squonker, a Reuleaux RX300 and finally a Triade 250C.

Vaping now for 1 and a half years. But still figuring out the Triade after over 3 monts of use. Its not easy to set it up the way you want. Definately not anything I would reccomend for a beginner.

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In order to understand the settings you need to be patient, open any topic in the theme designer and understand the software settings of each parameter. escribe is a very simple and straightforward programming language. you will not regret the time spent

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You're all terrible at advice.

Yes, the 75C and 250C are a perfect recommendation for someone new, and yes there is a benefit.


1: Get an atomizer with stainless steel coil or mesh

2: Using replay mode, set your wattage

3: Keep puffing till you find one you like

4: Set it to Replay that experience


This is not complex, this is not professional, it's SIMPLICITY.


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