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Chip Suddenly Died - No Warning Signs, What Can I Do?


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So yesterday I woke up and got in three perfectly normal drags off my vape before noticing that the display wasn’t working properly; as I took my drags the wattage value wasn’t changing, and furthermore when I went to lock the device and access the menu, it lagged significantly, and different sections of the display would change a second or two before other sections.  Shortly after, the mod would only fire for a few seconds before cutting off, glitch text would run through the display when I tried messing with it, eventually it stopped firing altogether, and finally while I had it on a charger yesterday evening it displayed a Warranty Service message and hasn’t done anything since.

Does anyone have any suggestions for steps I might take to rule out possible issues I could take care of myself?  Also, is there any way to perform a hard reset on a DNA 250?

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