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1 hour ago, DampferDüren said:

The Wire NiFe48 Profile was a ready Profile on my new Box.

What i need to Create my own Wire Profile, With Wires I know the TCR Value ?  

2 options. You can either start at step 4 below (by selecting the NiFe you have in the left window), completely overwriting what you have OR start at step 1 for brand new

  1. 'Materials' tab
  2. Click '+' under left window
  3. There'll be a new 'unnamed' material in left window.
  4. Bottom of the display, right side, click 'actions'
  5. select bottom option (TCR)
  6. enter what you want like 0.003
  7. Just above graph, rename Name: unnamed to what you want.
  8. Follow posts by dwcraig here: 


Remember to upload to your mod when done

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