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Solution to all problems with battery percentage


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I want to close the topic with percentage problems.

If you see wrong percentage, first of all check voltage in mod, than check percetage in other mod.

If it`s showing wrong percentage, you must save your battery csv, and edit it in excel and put it right in the mod again.

There is voltage and percentage box. I suggest to make from 0 to 100% (10,20,30%... 10 boxes) and divide voltage. If your battery max is 4.2v so start from 100%-4.2 or 4.19 and then others. I`m attaching my default HG2 profile using this method, you may edit it, depends on max voltage. Mod picking up measuring great after that (99-98% showing good).

Sorry if i was obvious, it must be pinned as soulution to this threads.

Done on Lost Vape Paranormal 250c

battery default.csv

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