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  1. Hi, On the big themes there is delay sometimes when navigating. It takes to press buttons twice for changing menu position or returning from deep sleep, because mod do not recognize 1st click. On default theme all is ok. Is this normal? Lost Vape Paranormal
  2. Hi, I want to close the topic with percentage problems. If you see wrong percentage, first of all check voltage in mod, than check percetage in other mod. If it`s showing wrong percentage, you must save your battery csv, and edit it in excel and put it right in the mod again. There is voltage and percentage box. I suggest to make from 0 to 100% (10,20,30%... 10 boxes) and divide voltage. If your battery max is 4.2v so start from 100%-4.2 or 4.19 and then others. I`m attaching my default HG2 profile using this method, you may edit it, depends on max voltage. Mod picking up m
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