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Orion questions! :/


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So on my orion i rock the .25 pods on medium settings went into escribe pretty much changed warmth and boost by 1 nothing major. Anyways i have wicking issues where either it will gurgle and barely vape, or it will be dry not burnt but i can taste a muted vape so i unscrew the cap to let bubbles come out of cotton area and its good for another few hits. Does everyone unscrew their pods after 5-10 hits? Lol also im using 50/50 salts or somtimes 70/30 vg/pg, and have had issues either way. Also, i get these weird times where i charge it to its fullest extent and i will take it off charger and get an incredibly weak hit. I dont think its the pod because hours later it will perform just fine. I chain vape 50mg  and i notice every hiccup in performance. Can anyone help??? I would greatly appreciate it

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