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Issues With New Mod


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So my first orion had the known issue and was replaced. I just put in a new pod and was playing with some settings again and noticed on some higher wattage settings it wasn't stabilizing the power output. But in lower wattage modes it stable. I will provide a screencap to show what i am seeing. It is a very minimal dip and probably wont affect much to be fair. More or less wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks in advance.

dna go screencap.png

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from what i see it looks like a replay mode enabled setup. As the resistance is pretty constant and the wattage throttles down to keep it.

What settings do you have setup on escribe?

Which Pod?

How high was your max wattage and boost?

40 Watt is just boost so the device will anyway switch back to 30 then.

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