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    Sick and Tired

    I am now on my third Orion. Both of my first ones stopped working as the common issue was. Got my new Orion in and its auto firing. It isn't consistent and i even tried a new pod. Still auto firing. Its also super tight to get pods in and out. Also when it auto fires it will randomly shit off then randomly start working again. Anyone else having this issue that has found solution? I'm getting really sick of having issues and wasting pods while my "new" Orion gets returned and replaced. I'm losing money poorly between pods and shipping costs for issues to never be resolved.
  2. Pestilence

    Issues With New Mod

    So my first orion had the known issue and was replaced. I just put in a new pod and was playing with some settings again and noticed on some higher wattage settings it wasn't stabilizing the power output. But in lower wattage modes it stable. I will provide a screencap to show what i am seeing. It is a very minimal dip and probably wont affect much to be fair. More or less wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks in advance.