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Just got my Orion but it says "Too Hot" in escribe and won't fire


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the board but certainly not to vaping. Came home today to some nice vape mail - my new orion. I fill up a pod, let it sit for a bit, primed and was ready to go, but all I ever seem to get is kind of orangish blinking light on the LED and no firing. It will turn off and on with 5 clicks and give me a battering indication with 2 clicks of the fire button, but the adjust button only ever promts the orange LED. I plugged it into e-scribe and the first thing I noticed is that the board temp was reading at 100-ish Fahrenheit... which is quite strange considering I never fired it, and a message on the bottom of the screen that says "Too Hot". I've attached a screenshot.

Did I get a dud? Is there anyway to fix this without returning?

Many thanks!


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That's normal.... while charging it may go up to 140-ish or so.... looking at the screenshot you posted... since it wouldn't fire how did the total puffs get to  239 puffs?  If this was new and you didn't get it to fire straight out of the box you might want to contact the vendor....may not have been new after all....

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