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DNA Go Compatible EScribe Download Links


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i downloaded the newer Version SP18 from the German Forum here. Software is still english.


Not quite sure why there is an US and EU version at all. I mean software is software and language is not software. Anyway i am used to english.

If you run Mojave this fixes it. Then Menu Tools apply Service Pack will upgrade the device.

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Em 20/11/2018 em 19:28, marcusjude disse:

I have the Mac download and I get the box with escribe option and a bunch of utility options under that, but when I click escribe it acts like its going to open the software but don't, any ideas? the only thing that works are the utilities underneath not the suite it self..

I have the same problem. After that, I upgraded to Mojave, started doing the same thing. In the previous version it was running normal.

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On 9/11/2018 at 10:33 AM, Nick said:

DNA Go compatible EScribe versions are as follows:

Windows ---------------------------

US Version:

International Version:



Mac ----------------------------------

US Version:

International Version:

These versions don’t work the guy below this answer who said to use the sp18 is the version that works 

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3 hours ago, Mandygurl79 said:


Im trying to download escribe to mac and have tried these links. Takes me to pcloud and asked for password. I put in the dna200.de and it says thats wrong? What am I doing wrong? Im on an older version of ios as this is my old computer and wont let me update any further.

I'm not sure, go here, scroll down:

https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250color (SP17)

Here is a newer version: (SP19)



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