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coil loss

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When downloading puffs with "save all device puffs" (in component DeviceMonitor, menu "Recording"), you get a file with 20 fields (at least on my DNA75c device), the 13th of which is labeled "Coil loss" and it only holds values when TC is used. It is a floating number.

Anyone to tell me what this "coil loss" represents and in what unit ?

Exemple of a record (here the "coil loss" is "2.5546875"😞

Puff,"Date/Time (GMT)","Date/Time (Local)",RTC,Recorded,"Board Temperature","Raw Ohms",Time,Energy,Power,Temperature,"Peak Temp","Coil Loss","Room Temperature","Ground Ohms","Power Setpoint","Temperature Setpoint","Cold Ohms","Cold Temperature","Static Ohms"
13970,"2018-08-12 13:50:22","2018-08-12 15:50:22","ChangeID=20,GMT=Y,Local=Y",0,90.75,0.80859375,3.814453125,18.7421875,17.6875,396.0625,435.578125,2.5546875,94.546875,0,18,428,0.7841796875,80.21875,0.010009765625


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The coil has to be heated above boiling before it produces vapor, so heat energy added to the coil before this does not produce any vapor.

After the puff, once the coil cools below the boiling point, that heat energy is released into the environment.

If you take another puff before the coil has fully cooled, the next puff of course has less Coil Loss, as there is less heating to be done.


Coil Loss is an approximate measure -- the amount of heat energy added to the coil before it reached 350 Fahrenheit.

This is roughly the amount of heat energy that went into the puff but did not go into producing vapor. It can be used to estimate coil efficiency as far as battery life goes..

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