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    coil loss

    Tanks much for the detailed answer James. So... that would be in 'mW' as is the 'energy' field, correct ?
  2. With “Save all device puffs“ in Device Monitor, you get a file with 20 fields. It would be helpfull to add a field with “Profile“ ID (and/or Profile name). * Puff * "Date/Time (GMT)" * "Date/Time (Local)" * RTC * Recorded * "Board Temperature" * "Raw Ohms" * Time * Energy * Power * Temperature * "Peak Temp" * "Coil Loss" * "Room Temperature" * "Ground Ohms" * "Power Setpoint" * "Temperature Setpoint" * "Cold Ohms" * "Cold Temperature" * "Static Ohms"
  3. Got a patch message through the application. Applied it and now I am abble to “Save all device puffs“ with no crash ! (No more reboot to windows, which is great ! Thanks again !) Just a little cosmetic problem remains with this : it is supposed to launch a little popup-modal window with “Please wait” message and a progress bar. Under Gnome (tested both with Wayland and xorg), this modal window only appear as a thin and almost invisible rectangle (the window does not deploy to its full size).
  4. Installed and can confirm no more crash on Theme designer. Thank you verry much for the update. ("Save all device puffs" still makes the DeviceMonitor crash, as entioned earlier in this thread)
  5. Struktur

    coil loss

    Hello, When downloading puffs with "save all device puffs" (in component DeviceMonitor, menu "Recording"), you get a file with 20 fields (at least on my DNA75c device), the 13th of which is labeled "Coil loss" and it only holds values when TC is used. It is a floating number. Anyone to tell me what this "coil loss" represents and in what unit ? Exemple of a record (here the "coil loss" is "2.5546875"😞 Puff,"Date/Time (GMT)","Date/Time (Local)",RTC,Recorded,"Board Temperature","Raw Ohms",Time,Energy,Power,Temperature,"Peak Temp","Coil Loss","Room Temperature","Ground Ohms","Power Setpoint","Temperature Setpoint","Cold Ohms","Cold Temperature","Static Ohms" 13970,"2018-08-12 13:50:22","2018-08-12 15:50:22","ChangeID=20,GMT=Y,Local=Y",0,90.75,0.80859375,3.814453125,18.7421875,17.6875,396.0625,435.578125,2.5546875,94.546875,0,18,428,0.7841796875,80.21875,0.010009765625
  6. Hello (and thanks again for this port ) Found a bug in Component DeviceMonitor, menu Recording, trying to "Save all device puffs" makes the program crash with attached output. EscribeDeviceMonitor_Recording_SaveAllDevicePuffs.txt
  7. Same here !... still : thanks much for this port. (installed on Debian Sid [Buster] and Debian 9.4. Have not tested everything yet, but seems to work pretty well... except for editing themes in Theme designer)