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Value incorrect decrease


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Hi there, 

First of all sorry if this already known or i made into the wrong forum section. Feel free to delete/move it if it thats the case.

Soon i will get my first 316L premede coil ( 0.5 Ohm Coil Art Premade SS316L Vape Coils ) and started checking the highest / lowest temperature in my Lostvape Paranormal 250c (default 316 profile) to see how things are.
opefully I will be able to use it with a 316L coil (not sure tho)

The Default settings are:
232 Celsius.

It will move up / down by 5 celsius.
The maximum value is 316 the lowest value is 93 which isnt adds up. After you reaching that point it cannot be setup 232 again without restoring values with eScribe. This might be intentional because of some regulation but my OCD just kicked in :)

Anyway, I have some questions regarding to the SS 316L. Since I will lose my `TC Virginity`.

  1. The default 250c  316 Profile can be used with 316L coil?
    • If not is there any premade settings which can be used?
  2. Do i have to setup simultaneously the wattage/temperature?
    • If yes is there any calculator for it? Or should I Go with the two possible lowest settings are and build up while reaching `the spot` ?

Thanks in advance!


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Your answers.

1. Yes. Default on the mod is fine. Or you can get TFRs from steam-engine or create custom TCRs in escribe.

2. Yes. Find the watts you like in regular vaping with the coil, and set that +20% as your Power value. Starting around 200C, increase temp till you reach the temperature of the vape till you like it. If you look in Device Monitor, once your coil reaches your set temp, the watts will drop lower

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