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Al last! I have found the best setup for my Paranormal DNA 75c. I have experimented on almost 25 atomizers from rbas, rdas, rdtas and rtas since I started vaping. I would like to share this with you guys. This has given me the most satisfying vapor and never ending flavor as I chain vape everyday. 😊

Ohms .77 upto 1.0 

Interval is 5 to 10 mins every 3 to 4 hits daily

I use cotton bacon v2 

Just right snug not too tight not too thick

Wicks should be longer so there will be no dry hits

I use a kclapton 26g 32g coil and build a 3.5mm 6 loops on my single coil zeus rta. The build should be as high as possible to get an awesome flavor.

I run my paranormal dna 75c at 30 to 40w 

My batteries are

Vtc4 the best battery and with my current build this could last for the entire day and mod does not warm up or get hot at you vape.


Strong for the first 6 hours then once it hits 25% it is as good as zero power

Lg choco

Performance in variable mods is good and safe, however the aromizer gets warm easily and so as the mod. 

I highly recommend vtc4 as I use it for most of my variable setups 

It is as good on a series mod too judt a shorter battery life as compared to my dna 75c which is a dual parallel mod

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