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Is the Lost Vape Mirage dna75c supposed to come with "WATT" mode?


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Hey guys

Firstly, total DNA/escribe noob here so  bear with me pls..

I just got myself a Mirage dna75c (lovely rose wood model) and first thing I notice is it doesn't have a  'WATT" mode, is this normal?

The modes listed are (in order)

REPLAY, Nickel200, Kanthal, Nichrome, NiFethal30, SS430, SS316 and Titanium

Also is it supposed to have Lost Vape firmware and/or Theme on it?

I went in on escribe and it has the default Evolv Theme and when I go to Lost Vape website to look for firmware there is a file labeled "...TherionParanormal-.." ( not Mirage) on the Mirage firmware link  which is only adding to my confusion.

Pls advise if somethings amiss or everything is as it should be?



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2 minutes ago, T.A.Nettles,V said:

Idk. The Paranormal came out before there was Replay, so, I guess now, instead of having a ninth profile they just removed or changed the name of the Watts profile 

My Paranormal (actually a 250c) came with 9 profiles Watts, REPLAY, Kanthal, ss430, ss316, Titanium, Nickel 200, Watt Boost.



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Just got the same mod. As you have discovered its only loaded with the Stock Evolv Theme and its missing so much. If you can get your brain round it I recommend creating your own or downloading one of the more recent Themes (with Replay) from the Themes Topic on the forum. 

You can rename any of the Profiles and change how they work and with which ever wire you choose. Rename the Nichrome as Watts for example.

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