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Escribe SP1 1.5 fails to install

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There is no 3rd-party antimalware on this system. It's Windows 10, 17692. It's very possible that the OS has new antimalware capabilities in Windows Defender, but this is pretty much stock Windows 10, with that Insider build level. It's also possible this issue was brought up in earlier builds but I haven't touched escribe in a long time. 


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you need to right click the installer and tell it to run as admin regardless if you are an admin on the machine or not, "run as administrator" puts you to an even higher security level on windows computers.

this is actually a very common type of error when installing programs in window 10.

if that doesn't work then you jneed to just install it to C:\Escribe, stop using Evolv's ridiculous roaming profile location.

part of the problem and I for the life of me cant understand why Evolv is doing it, is the installer is unpacking into a roaming profile folder. it should be unpacked into the c\windows\temp or %temp% which is the specific local user temp directory.

roaming is rarely used for normal windows programs though not truly uncommon, and if you are on a domain currently (you are doing this from work or your .local home domain) then log in with your local profile and try it.

escribe should NEVER EVER be installed as a program in the roaming profile folder, that is not what its there for. and the security placed ont he roaming profile folder is different than the local profile folder.


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