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Imbalanced battery

Ahmed Khashaba

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I have a new issue know with my rebel mod.

2 days ago, the mod show me “imbalanced battery” while the batteries is 67%.

I have 2 different sets of AWT battery purchased together 10 months ago. Also, I charge my battery using external charger.

I replaced it with the second set which is fully charged then the mod work perfect till the batteries reach almost 60% and the message showed again “imbalanced battery”.

I thought that mean that my AWT batteries are about to die then I purchased another 2 different sets (4 batteries) of Sony VTC6 but, unfortunately, the both sets reach 50% and the power did not reach 40W (target power) and the message showed again.


Please advise.

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In Escribe Device Monitor when connected does the fully charged batteries show to be balanced and as you vape while connected does it show they remain balanced as you vape.  The charge circuit will charge the batteries while connected.  With that done now disconnect from Device Monitor and vape until you get the message then connect to Device Monitor and see if the batteries are imbalanced and do they balance when charging? 

When you get the message connect to Device Monitor.... What is the voltage of each battery?

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