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Looking for Sai TAF with Ti Bucket Optimal Settings


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I'm hoping to figure out the best settings for my paranormal dna250c and sai TAF with the Ti bucket. This is my first mod ever so sorry if I say/ask some dumb stuff. 

I tried downloading that sai donut profile thats on this forum and using it but I set it to 35w and 500F but wasn't getting anything. 


35w 450f replay was kinda working

Ni 200 or whatever at 35w 450f was okay but the buckets kept getting discolored and I wasn't sure if that was ok. Was told these settings we're way above what I needed.

People keep mentioning set trc 240 is that the profile? I'm not sure what I'm setting to 240. Is that the sai profile that I mentioned above? 

Also there's preheating and what not. No clue how best to use that. 

If anyone's got some settings to recommend that would be great. The more detail you can provide the better. Thank you ahead of time.


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Your setup and experience sounds like using the Replay option in wattage mode as it was envisioned, is your best bet. From what I quickly googled it's a Titanium something, with Nickel legs that you're heating.

Wires (material) heat and cool in a consistent manner while changing their resistance. Nickel quicker than Titanium. So when you say 'Ni 200 or whatever' that makes a massive difference.

No, 'trc 240' is not a profile, and if it was perhaps a TCR at .00240 it would be a custom material TCR value. Unfortunately lower than straight Titanium. Usually a regular coil setup with Nickel legs + another material like (SS or Ti) will have a TCR higher than normal due to the Nickel legs.

Wow, I now realize you probably won't understand anything I wrote. Just follow my suggestion in the first paragraph. Good luck. Unless there are other replies after mine.

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I asked for detail. So what you provided is great! 

So replay is my best bet now. What would you recommend for me down the road as I gain experience?

I meant TCR. Lol. So a profile set to 240 wouldn't work according to what you're saying. I wonder what they're doing differently that allows them to get good puffs.

This is the coil/bucket





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According to you link, it states

The recommended temperature is less than 400 degrees in NI mode at 20-25w.


I'd at least go to your Nickel200 profile, set it at 25 watts and 400F and try it

Too hot - turn down the temp

Not hot enough - Double the wattage, but only go up 5-10 degrees each time.

If it all just seems fucked up, post a Device Monitor, with Power, temp, temp set, cold ohms and live ohms checked <- while firing , and a printscreen of the profile.

Good luck 

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