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I just got a Paranormal 250C and so far, I'm liking it.

Coming from a DN75 that I used for ages.

Not trying anything fancy right now, just a plain Kanthal coil at around 1.8 ohm and 20watts. 

One thing that has been bothering me.  On the DNA75 I could hold the up/down buttons to lock the wattage setting to avoid unintentional presses.  Doesn't seem to work on the 250C.  Is it supposed to ? Any other way to prevent changes to the wattage?  Doesn't seem to be ANY info on any of the PDFs that I found about button press combos.

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The Color devices do not use button press combinations. The device can be locked with button presses that you can select in the theme. In order to change the wattage you highlight that field and push the select button and change the wattage with the up/down buttons.. If you have another field highlighted then the wattage won't change unless you highlight the wattage field and select it.

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