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Problem with tc vt75D


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Hello everyone! I have a problem in tc, it seems that the temperature rises too much without temp. protecting and infact  at 420F the cotton is scorched. What could it be? it's the first time that happens to me with a 75C .

  nife48 coil , internal diameter 3mm, 6 wraps, tcr is 0,00400 zivipf.

thanks for the help and sorry for my english




Screenshot (2).png

Screenshot (3).png

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Go here and set the wire type to Nifethal 52 (Alloy52) that is how that site identifies NiFe48.
NiFe48 CSV Tool

Click on DNA200 in the table on the right and then download the CSV

Install it into the Materials then use that material in your profile.

Make sure, of course, that all your connections are tight/clean/good on mod, tank, and coil.


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Yep! I've downloaded and tried the curve   but there were some connections problems related to 510 and cables.  The shop  has refunded me the faulty product and I bought a LVmirage75c (will arrive tomorrow )hope that this one doesn't have the same quality problem . Thanks anyway for your advice. :)

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