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First DNA250C Build HELP PLEASE!!!


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Hey guys I’m trying to purchase everything I need for my first build. I need some help please! I want to use the smallest enclosure possible that will still give me all day battery life at 80 Watts vaping 10-15 mls. I was thinking either gxl or “b” box. What’s the biggest battery that can fit in those? Should I use 3s or 4s? I don’t need 400 Watts but if it’s the same size battery I’ll go ahead and use a 4s. I want to use whichever will give me the best battery life at 80-100 Watts. Also what wire sizes should I use? Feel free to post your builds with specs please. Any help is greatly appreciated! I’m waiting to order everything bc I can’t decide on enclosure, battery, and wire. Thanks guys!!!

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IDK what your budget is? But this would suite your needs.  https://www.shapeways.com/product/E28XXKAEX/tool-30mm-mod?optionId=65433301

All the links for every thing you need are on the SW page :)

50c is adequate IMO.  3S 0r 4S don't matter as much as the mAH, unless you really want the full 400 watts?

Also, if you varithane the 3D printed enclosure before you assemble it, it will give it a tough long lasting finish :)


Minmum 16 gauge wire! 14 gauge is even better for the 510 wire. The thick wire is a bit harder to work with but a nice silicon wire helps :)

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Ok cool thanks! I don’t really have a budget. I’m trying to keep it as low as possible but I still want good quality products.  I found a lot of info last night. Do you know where I can get a wiring kit? I thought that would be easier than buying wire in bulk that I will never use lol. What 510 do you recommend? Thanks for the help! Y’all rock!

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I get my wire from Amazon, lots of selection & no need to buy way more than you need.

I guess the consensus is the Evolv 510 is the best! But only available from Proto & not inexpensive :(

The Sisco & the Source 510's are both Good options  :)

Another good source for DIY mod parts https://www.ebay.ca/str/shopatistore


Good Luck with the Build :)

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I see, I'm currently running the case analyzer at the moment. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else important that I was supposed to do during the initial setup, since the last time i put one together I had a usb charging problem. Thank you for that information.

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