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What do I run First?

Bob R

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I have 3 Lost Vape DNA devices, 75C, 200 & 250C. I want to get them all set up perfectly but am not sure of what procedure to perform first. 

As the case temperature will increase when firing the mods then this will affect the internal resistance of the mod if my thinking is correct. Therefore it will impact on wattage and so affect battery performance.

Do I run case analyser prior to running Battery analyser or vice versa ?

I will start with the 75C as a single battery mod will take less time and I want to maximise battery usage and have all settings spot on (OCD I think).

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Excellent questions! For those that are perfectionists it'd be nice if there was a definitive resource library or wiki or something like that. Especially for new users.

The battery tests only affect what it says the % is at as far as I know. Nothing performance wise, just the remaining charge.

The thermal test is the one that can make a difference, that's for sure.

I'm relatively new (only a few months of heavy tinkering) so I'm sure some others have better answers.

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Hi Nexolek,

I have been advised to carry out the Thermal case analyser, upload that to the device then do the battery analyser and upload that also.

The 75 is easy but the 250C and 200 are both dual 18650 so I only need to carry out the battery analyser once, (I only use Sony VTC5A's in my DNA Mods) then save the .csv and upload it both mods after first carrying out the thermal case analyser for each mod.

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