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Need help finding parts for first diy-ish DNA250


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I have a DNA250 board and screen from another mod that ran on 3 18650's. I would like to find a "Boxer" style enclosure. I want to run just two 18650 batteries. Is there a place I can get a complete kit that doesnt require buying a new board and screen? By kit I mean whatever mounts, sleds, standoffs, 510 etc. Id also like it to take 25mm tanks without overhang. I know I know google is your friend. Problem is google is far smarter than I and from what Ive found I cant decide exactly what I would need theres so much out there Im treading water. Any insight or experience GREATLY appreciated. 

Thanks in advance


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Hey, @Paul828   have you tried to contact Ginger Vaper for just the body, contacts, wiring and 510? I'm not a huge fan of their battery contacts but it's better than nothing. Another option is to look around on Shapeways for an enclosure. As for the 510, wiring and batt contacts Ebay, Varitube, Fatdaddy Vapes  etc. sells em.




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