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DNA60 EPETITE displays charging when not connected


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Need some help.  I have many DNA devices and this is the first time I have encountered a problem. On my Lost Vape Epetite DNA60, the mod shows charging on the battery indicator and green light is permanently on despite it not being connected to a USB. I have tried swapping out batteries and cleaning the port.

I love the mod, any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum @Muchis. I do know LV uses their own proprietary daughter charging board. If i had to guess, since it's almost impossible to diagnose issues like these over the net, i would say there is some cross-talk between the batt+ pinout and USB V detect pinout. Juice, stray solder balls and any metallic swarf on the charging board or on the DNA 60 board pinout can cause this. Unfortunately, the mod is going to have to be opened up to find out exactly what's going on. Are you in the US? You can open a help ticket with Evolv. 

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