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Warranty Service after battery charging


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I have a Therion DNA 167. It has been an amazing device so far. Had only one bug with this device so far which is EScribe doesn't detect it is a 2 cell parallel device. When you upload the new config it bricks the device. Yes I already made a ticket for that but this wasn't a bug.  Strange,  right? They assume you know EVERYTHING about your device. And that after you install EScribe you also magically know why and how to enable manufacturer UI and set battery back from 1 cell to 2 bonk.gif.32c6ac9d89db7e4f85acf0103b78754f.gifSo yeah whatever that aside. 

I just recharged my Therion because the battery was at a critical low level I think maybe 4% or something (Yes i configured the lowest discharge rate of the batteries in EScribe). everything was fine, I just plugged it back in my Asus Nexus charger which is a 5v 2 amp charger for fast charge. After the charging for some time I came back and wanted to unplug it and I see the message on the screen; WARRANTY SERVICE.

So first thing I did, unplugged the device, took out the cells and checked everything.
So I took my fluke multimeter and measured the cells; 4.52 volt each, according to the datasheet this is the MAX full charge voltage.

I am using two original eFest 3000mAh 35A IMR 18650 cells, which are rewraped LG MH1 10A cells. Which is indeed after my testing right.

Time,Power,Meter,"USB Current","Battery Cell 1","Battery Cell 2"

64.0069999999987,,0,0.003,4.52,4.52 (.... ramping up)

81.1829999999995,20.02,-0.002,0.004,4.44,4.44 (.... taking the full current after ramp up)


The charger I am using is a AD83501 (that came with my Asus Nexus 7 from 2012 already sold the tab, I lost the charger that I later on found again and used for my e-cig) .
The adapter has the following certifications:

FCC, UL, CE and RoHS Certification
Built by www.pctinternational.com

Tldr; It's not a Ebay knockoff garbisch peace of %*&? ! I know what poor adapters can do this is why I avoid them.


.. ips ckeditor is bugged af   ☻


So what is this message.. I have never seen it before until today.. I am worried. Is my device dying? I've only ran 350 ml through her so far, I am not even a chain smoker got this Therion maybe a year now..


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That DNA 167 is only a 2 cell "series" device,,,, not parallel... and no option to use 1 single cell battery...

Battery should never be charged to 4.5 volts....

From datasheet:

Cell Balancer

During charging, is vital that none of the batteries charge beyond 4.2 volts per cell. If one of the cells in the battery has more charge than the others, its voltage will be higher. During charging, the DNA 250 will turn on a “balancer” to charge that cell more slowly, to allow the less charged cells to catch up.

The above is just FYI..... but the " WARRANTY SERVICE" means you should contact Evolv tech support for warranty service ....  they will guide you.....

Fill out another ticket (or update the other one if it is still open) and tell them what you posted here.... they will guide you....

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2 uur geleden zei retird:

That DNA 167 is only a 2 cell "series" device,,,, not parallel... and no option to use 1 single cell battery...

Battery should never be charged to 4.5 volts....

I found that out but could not edit anymore. My charger puts out 5.10 volts idle. So that should be within spec ?
And yes if it was parallel and one cell would die it would go bang so no that's indeed not the case. Max cell voltage was indeed not 4.5 but 4.2. Did a quick google search and it was displaying a wrong result. Datasheet says different, not 100% sure because eFest are wrapped cells from different brands. Anyways I have never had problems with the cells so far. My local e-cig shop sold them to me. I was too lazy to buy em online and paid too much. Eh whatever they work and last.

But yeah I have only seen the message once. But anyways I will contact support. I hope the device doesn't have to go back to evolv because I have had a really bad experience with shipping last week. My package got lost.. If I don't take any insurance which is going to bumb the price up and my package gets lost I just got f***k'd and lost like what.. 180 euro's.. 

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The device was indeed faulty, it was only a matter of days after it actually died. I made a support ticket before it died so I replied in the support ticket my RMA got apporved and I shipped my device to the USA. It got repaired and just tried it out. Works great again, thanks for the amazing support. This is hard to come by nowadays.


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