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Temp Control on KP 316L not working :(


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I got this TC issue and, after reading many topics, I am still unsure why TC does not work. Basically, I got a ~0.11 resistance twisted wire that vapes great in wattage mode. It is a dual coil of roughly 5/4 each. Resistance does jump as high as 0.13 or 0.14 sometimes if vaped for a while. That's a pretty big variation, I know. I tried everything: locking the ohms, changing temp, turning off/on the TC and locking/unlocking the device itself, and changing TCR values... nothing worked so far. I used to use Tungsten that was around 0.5 locked but jumped to as high as 0.9 when vaped, and that was recognized by the device as a TC coil (with Tungsten values). I use a Paranormal 166 mod. Can anyone give me some advice, please? I'm totally confused here. Do I need to provide any screenies of anything? I seem to have the same issue as others who used 316L. It's from Kidney Puncher (I really like this wire). Anyway, device monitor shows nothing--no jumps, just doesn't read. I don't know what to do. Anyone else have this experience, and if so, did anyone manage to fix it? On a side note: I used to vape straight coils (also 5/4) that had no TC on them (same KP wire). I thought maybe... 165c was working, so I cranked up the wattage to 75 from the normal 23 watts that I was used to. Boy... the most disgusting, burnt flavor (very, very harsh on the throat) that I've ever had nearly made my eyes water. That was when I knew that 165c setting was not working (in addition to it showing OFF when it is fired and of course not showing the temp itself when in watt dominant-mode).

Appreciate any help in advance.

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Okay, I found the problem...

It's ALL a TCR problem. If ANYONE in the future has this issue, make sure to put in the right temp coefficient of res with the right amount of zeroes or it won't work. I tried different values (like 0.092--too few zeroes), and that's why it didn't work... but now it does! Even at 0.11 resistance. Yay!

316L (Elite).csv

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An answer/solution to anyone who searches for my topic
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