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Mirage 75c 75Watt cant get 100w???


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It will give you a boost the first second or so, if you have boost/preheat enabled, and the punch turned up. The only way to actually see it happening, besides looking at the graph: In your theme manager, click on the field where your wattage is displayed on the main screen and click in the checkbox that says "update while firing".

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I'll add this. You can see the difference in Device Monitor. With 75w watts enabled you will see around 6.8 watts per step in preheat punch or boost punch ( 11 steps ) . With 100 watts enabled you will see around 9.1 watts per step.

If your theme has preheat power and temperature instead of preheat punch. You can adjust the preheat power to 100 watts.

But sadly your main wattage remains at 75 watts. But the added power in boost / punch and preheat power is Sweet!


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On 5/16/2018 at 12:25 AM, CBR954DMC said:

I have Escribe and cant tell you how many times ive tried to get this vape to have an output of 100watts and Still i can ONLY get it to go to 75watts!!!! What am i doing wrong?!


That is preheat menu with 100watt at starting puff. Cmiiw. 


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