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How to set default state of an object hidden by a toggle

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Hey all, I am designing a theme that allows you to hide an item on the home screen by using one of the User Toggles. The problem, I want by default for the item to be displayed, and only disappear when the toggle is turned off by the user. However, itseems that the default state is to hide the item. I've tried it both ways, using a hidden object and adding a condtlirion to show the field, or using an field and using a condition to hide it. 

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

Here's the theme by the way, the time and date on the lock screen are what I'm talking about. They can be configured in Menu > Time config. But be default they seem to be hidden 

Clean Black and Blue-1_4beta2.ecigtheme

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I missed @Frank65's reply, but I did find the answer for anyone who is curious. I was using user toggles to show/hide stuff on the main screen. I figured out that you need the make the toggle HIDE the object, rather than make the toggle SHOW the object. This way by default, the toggles are off and the objects are shown on the home screen. Then only if the user deliberately wants to hide the object they can do so by clicking the toggle. 

Of course you can do the opposite if you want things hidden by default. 

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