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Thank You Evolv!


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Just wanted to say thanks for the Replay mode.

I have always been a TC vaper. No use for power mode. I've been known to forget to open the JFC on occasion. I also like the consistency.
I have been using Replay mode in wattage on my 250c and 75c for a few days now.

Wow! This is an excellent vape! Get the same puff time after time but without the steep power ramp down of TC. I vaped a tank completely dry and just got a warning along with no vapor. With wattage alone, I would have gotten a dry hit.
Plus, though it's likely due to knowing it is different, but the flavor seems to be noticeably better.

If Replay can make a wattage vaper out of me, it's sure to be a winner.

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I Agree this is amazing, I'm a TC vaper this is the coolest thing I found, You can ALSO start from TC, you know when you go out and it's 10-20c lower and get that super flavour tc vapor? Then just switch to replay and experience THAT SPECIFIC tc puff you liked, that's really something new and for people that have been using tc since the dna40, is extremely nice feature (although theme designer is daunting) 

thank you evolv :) I love this chipset! 

The wait was worth it.

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I’m so happy with replay mode thank you too to Evolv, I have been using dna mods since my first dna30 which I loved then my first tc dna I’ve never looked at another chip again, although I do have the g class but not a patch on Evolv.   also I have noticed my coils don’t get all gunged up either been using same coil for over 2 weeks now and only had to change cotton before when in tc mode (which I preferred) after a couple of days coils got so gunged up and now coil as clean as when first put in, thank you, thank you, thank you I love it 😍 one happy vapor xxxxx

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