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Stainless Steel notch coils


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The SS316 CSV should work fine....

I have used Notch Coils for years now and without issue on my 250C.  

Here is the CSV for SS316L that I have used for years.  You can try it but I suspect a connectivity issue in your atty, hot spot,  dirty 510 connection, poor ground,  or etc.  


SS 316L.csv

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Thank you Retird,

Fixed my VT Inbox right up!! I have since purchased a DNA 75 C and I have tried the stock SS profile and the csv file you gave me  but the 75 C is giving me a very anemic vape, very little vapor and is not reaching the temperature set point when I watch it in device monitor? I am not using notch coils with this one just SS fused clapton. Has anyone had any luck with a custom TCR value for the 75C?

Thank you,


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