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DNA 75 Color New Feature Request thread


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I open this thread to make some requests about new features I would like to see in next firmware revisions. Please use it to make your requests too.

Let's start:

1) Clock: not only the US format but also the UE format (dd/mm/YYYY). Would be awesome.

2) Max puff count: a warning will be emitted when the number of puffs in the vaping session exceeds this max value.

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1) Add a device monitor source for the duration of the current puff.  This would enable a live puff timer while firing.  My Joyetech mod has this and it helps manage puff duration better than a fixed cutoff.

2) Add the option to display energy in Joules rather than mWh.  Joules are the more natural unit of energy from watts and seconds.  Showing mWh makes sense in the context of monitoring the battery more than as a record for an individual puff.  Yes I realize I can multiply mWh by 3.6 but that's annoying.


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