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First DNA mod


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Hi guys! I'm here because I've got a doubt. A few days ago, I received a Paranormal DNA 166 and I noticed that It reads different ohms compared to my other mods (both Eleaf) and this difference is always about 0,03 ohms. I was also wondering if it's normal that the coil changes its value when I press the fire button for the very first time. After that, it doesn't change anymore. I use Kanthal in Power mode. Thanks.

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12 ore fa, Wayneo ha scritto:

Here's a great post written by an Evolv tech


Thanks to you, I can say I solved the problem. Ohms don't fluctuate anymore and the difference with other mods is about 0,01 now. Do you know what is the correct internal resistance for this mod? I've found that on Escribe it is 0,01.

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1 hour ago, AntoVape said:

Thanks to you, I can say I solved the problem

Not me, my man, but I'll take it for pointing you in the right direction. Go 'like' TheSwain's post so others can see you agree.

As far as mod resistance you might wanna search around here. I don't own one, they can all be different, and now that you've removed that loctite .......... well?

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