YOKO Vape TRX 167 (DNA250) The screen very very dim

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Hello There,

Had my device YOKO Vape TRX 167 (DNA250) the screen right now is very dim

Already adjust the brightness in EScribe to 100%
Without any fading time
Already try to reboot hard the device

The Sceen just always dim, i only can see the screen when im in the dark place, but im not a Dark Knight lol

Kindly please if anyone can help me, please leave an advise or any suggestion.

Thank you.

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9 hours ago, Wayneo said:

Was it ever any brighter than now? If it was NOT, there could be a smoky covering over the display. 

Thank you for your reply

Still the same, the screen still dim.

The display is crystal clear i guess, sometimes the brightnes is up (like a disco lamp) :D and then stays dim again

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