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Battery/Power Supply options


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I understand that to run the DNA200 from a power supply requires to choose the "power supply" option as the battery type. However I would like to be able to switch between battery and power supply as to not lose the battery balancing feature of the chip.

I've been reading the FAQ and it seems that it is possible to trick the board with a three resistor divider. I have a couple of 1.47Kohms resistors lying around and I'm wondering if that would be sufficient for the task?

My dream is to somehow fit a battery, chip and power socket into a 1550P box. I can't imagine the amount of cramming I need to do haha.

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Thank you for the tip I have been hovering around that thread for quite some time however there doesn't seem to have a solution we both seek.

I believe that Nisei had planned to use the battery jst connectors to trick the chip while being powered by the power supply. 

However, since it looks like that would give unbalanced errors, I plan to use resistors to avoid having to rely on escribe. 

My question would be is three 1.47kohms resistors in series soldered to the power supply voltage suitable to run without relying on software?

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