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Screen causing STEALTH and LOCKED mode when attached -- STRANGE.

Phone Guy

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I have a DNA200 screen, that when attached INSTANTLY puts the dna200 into stealth mode and power locked mode.  I know this by hooking it up to escribe and seeing what mode the board was in.

Remove and replace the screen with another, and I'm able to go back to a "normal" mode (no power lock, no stealth).  While the board is connected to escribe, I inserted the "bad" screen and the board INSTANTLY went back to stealth mode and power locked mode... I was able to repeat and reproduce this a couple of times, and never could figure out why.... No signs of physical damage to the ribbon cable or connector of the screen, but as soon as you hook it up, the DNA200 board goes into stealth mode and power locked mode without touching a single button.

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