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Rhino batteries - DO NOT USE


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My guess is there was a sharp point on the solder and the battery wasn't anchored with a velcro strap or two sided tape so the point on the solder worked its way through the battery's shrink wrap. Something between the battery and circuit board and anchoring the battery would have made a difference I'd think. Just a guess.

Edit: The Zippy line of batteries are not the highest of quality either but I call them as I see them. 

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The epoxy hadn't even cured yet! The battery wasn't secured because that was going to be the last step. Tested everything after install and checked out. No wires were contacting the case. (I will take a closer look to see if the was a sharp spot on the solder, if I can) Threw it on the charger while I was cleaning the bench up and.... Flame! Yanked the battery and threw it out the garage. Didn't know if it was going to get worse

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