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Anyone post a picture of a CNC 1590G beside the Snow Wolf 200


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O.K. Here it is. 1590g+ I made some modifications to the box and lid to make everything fit without resizing any wires on the battery itself, the idea is an easily swappable battery, I have two. The guy on ebay that sells the 1590g with a sliding door wont ship to me in Hawaii, so I made the lid slide by removing some lip on the lid, also made notches so it locks on the bottom magnets (actually pretty slick, slide open with my thumb and it magically leaps down and relocks on to the lower magnets keeping the lid in perfect line and hoilding it for me while i show off my guts). I also had to carve out three corners. if you wire the jst plug away from the board this can all fit without any carving, the battery does fit without ant carving of the corners, it actually wedges in, for my intentions of an ez swap battery i chose to do a little dremmel work. this is my first mod, i've never built anything really. I make Hamburgers. That being said I am pretty proud of myself and am thinking if i got a dremmel press and router setup this would be really ez to make to a higher level of craftsmanship looks-wise. I did freehand the usb and window with a dremmel but I kinda dig the flintstone look. I coulda countersunk the chipmount screws a tiny bit deeper but all in all I am fuckin stoked. I could retouch some things on this but I am gonna leave it just the way it is as a reminder of my first mod. Oh, also note the magnet I had to recut for on the top corner, did that so the battery could slip under it. edit...no glue used, no button replacement.... I dissassembled the metal button switches and used the tops as actuators, I had purchased the mamu buttons from shapeways- metal takes like a month, but i lost one gring it :( but i like these and was happy i could use them WITHOUT REPLACING THE ORIGINAL WATERPROOF SWITCHES/ wich apparentltly the interwebs thinks cant be done for some reason, I used mamus mounting plate for the chipmount and her/his? template to cut out my holes. KIMG0009.jpg  KIMG0010.jpg  KIMG0012.jpg  KIMG0011.jpg  KIMG0013.jpg  KIMG0014.jpg  KIMG0015.jpg  KIMG0016.jpg  KIMG0019.jpg  KIMG0020.jpg  KIMG0024.jpg
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