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Stopped Charging via USB


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I built my DNA200 device yesterday (2S 18650). Spent an hour or two testing it and all seemed great. Charged at 500mA plugged into a PC 1A plugged into a 1A wall wart. Decided to pop the batteries out and put them on charge in my Nitecore i2 as I prefer to external charge where possible and popped them back in. Now plugging it into a USB charger and it does 0A charge rate. Cell 1 showing 3.7v Cell 2 showing 3.71v

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Watt hours calculated (LG HE4 2500mah, nominal pack voltage 7.4v 18.5w/h) and uploaded the LG HE2 discharge graph posted in the 2s 18650 topic The mod analyzer and battery analyzer I haven't yet ran. All setup in general though. It vapes fine Escribe works fine its just the USB charging which to be honest I can live without

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