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Fast heating/fast cooling builds that can handle 200w? (Non TC)


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Hey all. So I've now got myself a dna200, a silly stupid wide open airflow RDA with huge post holes (phenotype L) and I am now of course looking to get myself a setup that will work comfortably at 200w. For reference, my favourite build of all time generally speaking and my go-to, is twisted 26g, 3mm id, 7~ wraps, on my Kennedy competition. I usually run this at 120w and it's perfect for me. It meters out between 0.3-0.4. Unfortunately that's pretty much the sweet spot for the build and anything over 140~ is just far too much power for that coil and it'll burn instantly. What would you recommend? Looking for something with low ramp up, but also not a huge amount of metal mass so it'll sit there and cool down and still produce vapor for 5 minutes after you've hit it. Not a huge fan of claptons as they just taste like metal to me no matter what I try. I like builds that slightly warm, not too spitty, and yeah, heat up quickly, and cool down just as quickly. So far I've been unable to get anything that really hits the spot. I've got everything from 18g k1 up to 32g, some 24g ni80, and some 19g and 22g 317L. What do you suggest?

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