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Warranty Service message out of blue


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Dna200 was doing fine up until today, I have built many a mod and never had an issue before and I have been loving my dna200. But today when I went to turn it on, it is only going on for a second. Only long enough to show opening message, then off. If I hold down fire button it fires for split second and goes off. Then I plugged it into my PC via micro usb and it says warranty service.  I tried all my different battery's and it seems to do it on all of them, all of which are fine.  Also noticed that the chip seems unusually hot so I took battery out and I am not going to put one back in it. I don't trust it now.  What do you suggest I do? Am I out of luck? Do I just have to buy a new chip. I have had it for several months now.

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