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Screen Fields on the Profiles

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I originally posted my suggestion/request in the wrong area of the forums.  I'm not sure if anyone from Evolv has seen it, so I'm posting it here in hopes someone sees it who can say yes/no on making it happen.

Suggestion was:
Would it be possible to have the screen fields change per profile?  For example, I've got several standard wattage profiles and several temp control profiles.  While on wattage profiles I like to have things like ohm, voltage and battery percent.  While on temp control profiles I'd like to mix it up and have ohm, voltage and temp.  Would it be possible to make the fields available on the profiles to change what fields you want displayed per profile?

There are others out there who seemed to like the idea, so here's the link to the original post.


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Maybe at least get rid of [b]---F[/b] when using Kanhtal. Every time the DNA200 tells me ---F, for a tiny moment i am compelled to think*. It clutters up the screen, while adding little of value (nothing that I can see). IMHO, it would be equally informative to keep that part of the screen blank when not in TC mode.

That is, unless the "one screen setup per profile" feature requested by StirCwazy is implemented. If it is, this post will be moot.

*)  The fact that I normally adjust my temperatures in Â°C probably doesn't help.

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