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Best DNA 200 Temp Vape I've had to date!!!


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So this may be hard to believe but I'm having my best expierence with the DNA200 using SS317L. I've been having a hard time getting a good vape with this chip and it my have been some my doing and just being used to using the sx350j and being used to the vape I was getting from it. So I'll start with ni200. I didn't spend much time on this one because I can't stand the taste and it just seems too jumpy. Next I went to titanium. I was using Rio grande 26g wire. On the sx350j with the new Ti setting I was getting a very consistent and stable vape. Unfortunatley I couldn't recreate it on the dna200. I've tried both ti1 and ti2 curves from steam engine. I was just getting a really inconsistent hit. One hit it would be somewhat burnt and then the next just not warm at all. So that made me move onto TMC SS 317l from The Crazy Wire Company. I'm using 24g 10 wrap and it's just working flawlessly! I couldn't be happier. On all these builds I've been using the Smok TFV4 single coil rba deck with the awesome Scottish Roll wicking technique. It's just crazy that the material with the smallest curve is what is working the best imo. Just thought I would share my findings.

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I have also noticed the inconsistent hits even on ni200 from what I have figured out so far with it is the coils haven't cooled now enough to notice the preheat from puff to puff. I'm running dual 26g 28g 6 wrap claptons in my velocity clone and my aromizer rdta. I find if I wait a little longer from drag to drag or turn the watts down and the temp up a little higher it becomes more consistent. I was running it at 450 degrees and 100 watts and it was the same every time. Then changed it to 480 degrees and 70 watts and was the same every puff. Just a new learning curve to search for your perfect vape

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